DoggyBag Productions

DoggyBag is a music production company specializing in providing original audio and media material for recording, theatre, film and web based productions.

DoggyBag is a production company with the capacity to produce in the following mediums: large-scale symphonic recordings, copyright-free original material, commissioned small to large scale productions and real time movie scoring.

We work at an international level as performing/recording artists and composers in a range of styles to include Avant-garde, Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Gypsy, Klezmer, Hot Club and Ethnic Fusions.

Our recent works include the following productions:
KOSHKA and Celtic Connection symphony orchestra Grand Finale 
Mia's "Ocean"
"The Master of the Russian-Gypsy violin"
Coming out soon - Yurodny's "The Odd Set", the second "HotClub of Dublin"

 photo by Dave Fleming