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Well, it's this infernal 'Fintan Waltz' again....

20 years ago, one of the recording company managers decided to give me a lesson on the big bad world of showbiz economics.
When he realised that none of the legal points went in, he gave me a compressed view...
'Don't worry about the details. Tthis is how it works...we get rich and you get famous.'
I thought he was joking.

It took me 20 years to learn that he wasn't.

Here's a link to one of my tunes, which earned someone (no names here :-)) around  40.000US dollars.
I did receive two or three hundred and a promise to settle as soon as.
The rest has disappeared along with the recording company.
It turned up to be quite a hit in S.Korea, and so, the number of YouTube videos appeared, featuring my tune being butchered in all ways possible.
I thought it was hillarious, put some of them together in one video, put it on YouTube, and.......


Got a legal notice saying someone else is claiming the royalties.

I am in a wrong business.