Guitarist Fintan Gilligan played Reinhardt to Russian violinist Oleg Ponomarev's Grappelli, and the level of musicianship from the two was outstanding. Father and son team of John Gilligan on double bass and Daniel Gilligan on rhythm guitar kept impeccable, swinging time. Fintan Gilligan reminded the audience of the current credit crunch: 'We've got CDs for sale at the back, some Billy Joel, a couple of Queen ones;' older brother John concurred: "We've also got a set of van tires, slightly worn, but times are tough folks.' The gags were corny, but the music was anything but, and an impressive reminder that the music of Django Rheinhart and Stephane Grapelli, when in the right hands, swings like no other.     :-)
Ian Patterson, Bray Jazz

This is real virtuosity and I silently vow never to use the word again for playing of less than this sheer, jaw-droppingly high calibre
HI-ARTS review, UK 2008

Pure insanity on sometimes feels as if the trio falls down a long spiral staircase, but eventually lands on his feet every time
Jonas Myrholm. Ttela, Sweden

Nothing less than incandescent virtuosity for the duration of the show...
Aviva daily

With KOSHKA, Oleg takes the music in exciting new directions while still retaining that Russian Gypsy magic that has won him hearts everywhere..
The Scotsman

Sarah thinks it (your CD) keeps the dog calm in the car on our way to school
Tracey Doyle

They've really achieved greatness.
Chris Nickson "All Music Guide"

Gypsy it has never been played before
Gara Vogue

Anyone who came to the Russian Gypsies concert a couple of months ago will remember Oleg Ponomarev, the violinist in leather trousers, who brought the house down with his tremendous playing and caused several hearts to flutter.
The Arran Banner

Virtuosity and technical wizardry...
Evening Herald

There is mad and stirring Russian/Gypsy music from Koshka...
Sunday Herald

Gypsy virtuosity meets classical rigour...a meeting of minds and traditions, that the old fox Grappelli would surely have enjoyed.
The Sunday Times